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GoodBed’s in-depth review of the Avocado Eco Organic mattress, constructed with 100% natural organic latex over fabric-wrapped coils…

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0:00 Introduction
0:25 Back Support and Spinal Alignment
1:13 Softness
3:27 Cushioning Depth
5:31 Memory Feel
5:46 Bounce
6:40 Motion Isolation
8:03 Temperature
10:30 Edge Support
11:20 Ease of Repositioning
11:41 Natural Materials & Certifications
14:32 Adjustable Base Compatibility
16:07 Return Policy and Warranty
19:22 Materials and Construction
22:42 Price & Value
24:22 Summary

Hi I'm Mike founder of goodbed.com today We're going to be taking an in-depth Look at the avocado Eco Organic mattress This is one of if not the most Affordable fully certified organic Mattresses on the market today and after The avocado green mattress it's probably Avocado's most popular mattress model so We're excited to take a look and give You our thoughts on this mattress stick Around now in case you've never seen one Of our videos before or been to our Website goodbed.com the first thing you Have to know about buying a mattress is That mattresses are highly personal this Means that a mattress that's great for Me could be terrible for you and vice Versa so the things that you need to Focus on as a mattress Shopper are what We call the three F's fit feel and Features fit is about finding a mattress That matches your body in terms of your Weight your body shape and your Preferred sleep positions much like Picking out a pair of pants feel is About characteristics of a mattress that Can't be better or worse they can only Be better or worse for your personal Preferences and features are things that Actually can be better or worse but may Or may not be a priority for you Personally so that's how we do all of Our product testing as well as how we Organize each of our reviews so let's

Start with fit which is the most Important of the 3fs since it's what Determines to what degree you will get The two things everybody has to get from Their mattress which are proper spinal Alignment and adequate pressure relief Now in terms of the eco-organic mattress Let's start with back Sleepers for whom This is really going to be an excellent If not exceptional fit from a spinal Alignment standpoint really for back Sleepers of all weight ranges I don't Really have any concerns even for the Heaviest back sleepers from a spinal Alignment standpoint turning to stomach Sleepers I'd feel pretty similarly I Mean generally speaking for certain Someone of my weight I weigh almost 200 Pounds or lighter I think is going to be An exceptionally good fit from a stomach Sleeping spinal alignment standpoint Maybe for the the heaviest stomach Sleepers let's say you're over 250 Pounds or or somewhere in that range Maybe I'd feel better with you on a Avocado green mattress which just has a Little bit more firmness a little bit More support to make sure that your Midsection doesn't sink too far into the Mattress and overarch your back but I Think really on this mattress you'd Still have at least very good spinal Alignment even in that weight range Turning to side sleepers this is now the

Position where you need to think about Not only spinal alignment which when You're on your side looks something like This But also adequate pressure relief Because this is the position in which Your body's weight is distributed over The small surface area so you're most Prone to pressure points and say your Shoulders or your hips and this is an Area where I'd say the eco-organic Mattress is going to be probably better From a spinal alignment standpoint than It will from a pressure relief Standpoint I think that in general most Side sleepers are going to be well Served but not as well served as the Back and stomach sleepers will be on This mattress and again I think it's Largely going to be because you're not Going to get quite as good pressure Relief as you will on some other Mattresses so if you are someone who has Particularly acute pressure relief needs Fibromyalgia or what have you or you're Particularly prone to sore soreness in Your shoulders and hips or losing Circulation in in your limbs while you Are sleeping on your side then maybe you Want to look for a mattress with a Little bit more pressure relief but Otherwise I do think you're going to get Good spinal alignment as a side sleeper So overall I'd say a good to very good

Fit for most side sleepers so now let's Move on to the second of the three F's Which is feel and again these are the Characteristics that cannot be Universally better or worse they can Only be better or worse for your Personal preferences the first of these Is softness and in the case of the Eco-organic mattress we've classified This as a medium on our softness Spectrum although it's really darn close To being what we'd call a medium firm Meaning the category just to the firmer Side of medium overall you're going to Have a fair bit of softness up in the Top of the mattress coming from the kind Of the wool and then and then that top Two inch layer of latex at the top of The mattress once you get down into the Coils you get a little bit more firmness They're not the firmest firmness coils So it's not like this takes you to being A firm but again the overall effect we Think is about a medium but towards the Firmer end of that classification The next field characteristic we look at Is what we call cushioning depth which Is really the difference between Sleeping in your mattress versus Sleeping on it this is an interesting One because overall you are going to get A little bit more than average amount of Sinkage a little bit more than average Amount of conformance like on your side

We talked about how it does conform to Your curves and offer you that spinal Alignment that you need as a side Sleeper and we also notice that the Mattress is relatively conforming to Your curves in terms of it's not like a Bowl like some mattresses are so you get A little bit more what we call Point Elasticity the net effect of that is What we would call a slightly deeper Than average cushioning kind of Experience which normally would lead you To say or lead us to say that you get a Little bit more of that sleeping in your Mattress that hugged or cradled Sensation when you're on this mattress Versus a floating above your mattress Sensation However in the case of a latex mattress This particular material has so much Buoyancy that it kind of offsets that a Little bit so the overall kind of net Experience even though you are a little Bit more in the mattress Because of that buoyancy and because of That really quick responsiveness I think It just feels a little bit more neutral It doesn't even feel like you're in the Mattress if anything it might feel just Slightly towards more floating above Your mattress in terms of the Sensation That you get The next field characteristic we want to Talk about is memory feel and of course

This mattress does not have any of that Slow responding memory foam so there is Absolutely no memory feel if that's what You're looking for in a mattress you're Barking up the wrong tree with this one And finally the last Feel characteristic I want to talk about here is Bounce and This is a mattress that does have quite A bit of Bounce we look at bounce at Different levels of a mattress Mattresses can have deep bounce like When you plop down on it this one Certainly does it also can have surface Bounce uh like when you just are kind of Dropping your fingers down or your arm Down on the mattress which this one also Does the deeper bounce is obviously Coming more from the coils the surface Bounce is coming more from that latex Layer up on the top and this one also we Also look at kind of mid-level Bounce Which we measure with a bowling ball This one which you know can kind of come From the interaction of those comfort And support layers and in this case Since both are pretty bouncy the Mid-level bounce is particularly bouncy So overall really throughout this Mattress there's a there's a quite a Good deal of bounce so if you want a Mattress that has that kind of Responsiveness doesn't feel dead when You lie down on it this is going to be a Good option for you in this regard

All right now we're going to move on to The third and final of the three F's Which is features now these are the Things that can be better or worse but May or may not be a priority for you Personally the first of these is motion Isolation which is assessing to what Degree is the person say on this side of The mattress going to be aware of or Disturb by what's happening over on this Other side we measure this generally With a bowling pin on one side and then Creating disturbances on the other side What we noticed here we did a couple Different tests here there was a little Bit more motion transfer with the Bowling ball that we dropped than there Was when I plop in with my full 200 Pounds not a ton of disturbance by the Way like the bowling pin never toppled In any of our tests so overall we'd say The motional isolation was very good if Anything what we noticed was that There's a wool layer the cover is very Stretchy but underneath the cover is a Wool layer which also serves as a fire Barrier in addition to providing some Some cushioning and so forth but that Wool layer is not particularly stretchy So when the bowling ball hits it and Kind of goes deep into the mattress it Tugs that will layer just a bit so if You're getting any motion transfer Across this mattress it is simply from

The tugging of that the very subtle Tugging of that wool layer it's not Coming from the coil so it has nothing To do with the amount of Bounce in this Mattress it's only because of that wool Layer and overall like I said the motion Isolation we think in this case is still Very good The next feature we look at is Temperature which for most people boils Down to to what degree is this mattress Going to keep me from overheating during The night now this is not a mattress That has any cooling features per se Which if you've done any mattress Shopping so far at the point you're Watching this video you've certainly Seen plenty of mattresses that tout a Bunch of cooling features but what you Have to understand as a shopper is that Some mattresses need cooling features Because some of the other features of The mattress tend to trap heat and they Need to have features to offset that This is a mattress that is designed in Such a way that doesn't have that Problem in the first place and therefore Doesn't really need cooling features Specifically designed to counterbalance That heat trapping effect let me explain That a little bit further the most Important thing you need to think about With temperature is airflow airflow is The best way for heat to move away from

Your body just think about how the fact That when I'm not on a mattress at all And all my body's surface area is Exposed to the air I can it can Efficiently leave my body and just Disperse into the air so airflow and the Amount of your body's surface area That's exposed to the air while you're On a mattress are two important factors In terms of determining how hot you're Likely to get how much heat is likely to Get trapped in the mattress in the first Place and in this case this is a Mattress that has a ton of airflow Obviously you have edge to edge coils Going through you know three quarters of The mattress above those coils you have Nothing but a layer of wool which uh Which is naturally kind of moisture Wicking material and also has a lot of Kind of inherent ability for air to go Through it you also have the the two Inch layer of latex which has pin core Holes going vertically through it so air Can very easily get right from the top Of the mattress where your body is all The way through to the two inches below That where the coils are so traveling Through those pin core holes allows heat To very easily get to that free-flowing Layer of coils where or there's tons of Airflow in terms of how much of your Body's surface area is exposed to the Air we talked about how this is a medium

Mattress with a little bit of more than Average cushioning depth you know a Firmer mattress with shallower Cushioning would probably expose a Little bit more of your body surface Area to to the air but overall that's Not uh I don't think in this case a huge Counter balancing effect here and so the Net upshot of our assessment would be That the amount of kind of cooling and Uh what we would how we would rate this In this temperature category would be Excellent for sure the next feature is Edge support which we test in two ways Both with me sitting on the edge of the Mattress as well as me lying on the edge Of the mattress in the case of this Avocado Eco Organic mattress there is an Edge support feature it they have two Rows of narrower coils that have more Working turns so they're stronger they Create a stronger Edge going along the Two sides of the mattress they don't Have that feature at the head or the Foot just be aware of that but they do Have it going up to sides of the Mattress so that's really where we did Our assessment in the case of of the Eco-organic we found that the edge Support lying on the mattress was Excellent I mean I had a just the Tiniest bit of lean but overall felt Very stable excellent Edge support lying On the edge and in terms of sitting also

Very good Edge support in that position As well so our net assessment of the Edge support here would be excellent The next feature I want to touch on real Briefly is the ease of repositioning This is not probably a top factor for Most people but if you are someone who Has this concern about how easy it's Going to be to move around this is about As easy as you can get you can move Around super easy the latex just kind of Helps you along so easy repositioning Exceptional The next feature we're going to get into Is the use of natural materials in the Mattress now in most reviews we do we Talk about this in the context of the Lack of harmful chemicals because that's The principal concern for most people But if you're watching this review There's a chance you're interested in an Even higher standard there which is the Actual use of natural materials and in The case of the eagle organic mattress You're going to get both it is a Mattress that is certainly made with a Lot of natural materials it does avoid The use of harmful chemicals and it has The certifications to prove it so let's Start at the top it is uh the cover here Is you is made of 100 organic gots Certified organic cotton got is a Standard for the textile industry that Certifies

Organic fabrics and textiles so this Whole thing there's no polyester in this Cover uh 100 organic cotton Then you have below that there's no fire Retardants in this mattress the only Thing that they use to pass the fire Tests is a layer of wool again 100 Natural and again got certified as or as 100 organic then you have the pocketed Coils which are made from recycled Steel And then you have below that uh actually Another layer of wool just in the very Bottom where those clothes can rest on Oh and I forgot you have the two inch Layer of latex uh above the coils which Again that's when certified by an Organization called goals the global Organic latex standard so that also is a Certified organic material it's a Dunlop Latex too which which uh which again is Uh the most natural way you can make Latex so really this mattress uses a ton Of natural materials certified as Organic and then of course the Additional step that they went to with This mattress is that they have the Entire mattress certified as an organic Product again this is something that's Done by the Goss organization so they Were able to get the certification Applied to the mattress in its entirety Uh so that's a whole other level In case that's not enough they also had The whole mattress certified to the

Green guard gold standard that's a Standard that looks for the off-gassing Of of any kind of harmful materials uh Into the air and certified that this is Meets their gold standard green guard Gold which is the level used for Hospitals and child care facilities so It's the highest standard that they Measure Of course that would be the case since There's nothing in here that really Could off gas harmful materials in that Way so Bottom line is if you're concerned about Harmful chemicals You're concerned about off-gassing or You just want a mattress made with a lot Of natural materials no matter what your Criteria is there's no question that This mattress is exceptional in this Particular area The next feature is one that we get Asked about more and more these days Which is adjustable base compatibility And some people like to think of this as Just a check the box thing but we found That there is a pretty big range of just How compatible a mattress can be with an Adjustable base and we want to let you Know based on the testing we did with This one that this one is particularly Exceptional in this category we look at A few different things we look at the Ability for the mattress to conform

Closely to the base particularly when It's in that fully elevated position With the head and the foot elevated this One does that just wonderfully you're Not going to find any kind of stiffness Like the foot sticking up or or when you Get off the mattress it will hold its Position in that conformed positions it Just beautifully Contours to the curves Of the adjustable base At the same time we also look for kind Of weird things that can happen uh when You do have the mattress elevated on an Adjustable base sometimes you can get Some bowing on the sides or bunching in The valley underneath your seat you do Have a just a smidge of that bunching The wool will kind of just bunch a Little bit but it's so soft that really You just can't feel it so it's really Not a factor in in the case of this one Overall in addition to this being a Mattress that certainly does check the Box of being intended for use on an Adjustable base and certainly one that Won't void your warranty to use it in That way we would we found that it does Just uh do exceptionally well on an Adjustable base so we would say it's Exceptional in this regard moving on Beyond the three F's three things that Are going to be important anytime you're Buying a mattress but particularly when You're buying one online our delivery

Return policy and warranty in terms of Delivery avocado offers free delivery to Your doorstep with this mattress they Will also actually offer for an Additional charge a white glove delivery Service that will include someone coming Into your home setting it up for you Taking it out of the box as well as Removing not only the packaging for this Mattress but your old mattress as well We unboxed the one that you see here Ourselves we found the process to be Straightforward very typical of other Mattresses that we unbox like usual we Would just say that this is a pretty Heavy box kind of an awkward shape and Likely you're going to need two people To move the box into your bedroom Particularly if you need to go upstairs With it in terms of the return policy Avocado offers a 100 night trial on this Mattress they do ask that you keep it For at least 30 nights which is a very Standard provision in these return Policies that we've find very reasonable Because your body does need time to Adjust to a new sleep surface so they Ask you to take at least 30 days for That but otherwise you can return the Mattress for any reason within that time Frame and receive a full refund they'll Even come if you need it they'll even Come and pick it up from you in that Situation in terms of the warranty

Avocado offers a 25-year warranty on This product before I get into how that Works because there is some proration The most important term that we always Encourage our readers to focus on in any Mattress warranty is the amount of Allowable dip that is is considered Acceptable meaning how deep does a sag Or a body impression have to be before It's considered a warranty defect that Is covered under the warranty in this Case of the Eco Organic it is a one and A half inch dip and so anything beyond That would be covered anything less than That would not be covered this is the Industry standard frankly I would have Expected given the quality of materials In this mattress that they might have Actually been had a warranty that was Better than the industry standard in This regard but nonetheless an inch and A half is standard in the mattress Industry now in terms of the proration The first 10 years of this 25-year Warranty are very standard they're Non-prorated so that's pretty easy to Understand you're fully covered in the Event that anything comes up uh you get A replacement mattress Um obviously it has to be a valid Warranty defect but beyond that Basically in year 10 or 11 it goes to 50 Percent coverage uh but and then it goes Down by five percent a year so by year

19 essentially the way they phrase it in The warranty is that you uh will be able To replace the mattress if in the event Of a warranty defect you will be able to Buy a replacement mattress for 90 of What you paid for it now bear in mind That will be what you paid for it 19 Years prior so presumably that will be Uh something uh it won't be 90 of the Current cost of that mattress at that Time so it's a better deal than what it Sounds like Um by years 21 through 25 you're able to Replace it for 95 of what you paid for It but again it's 95 of what you paid For it uh way back when so that's how Their warranty Works uh in the case of The Eco Organic mattress All right now we're going to give you a Peek as to what's actually inside one of These eco-organic mattresses from Avocado we obviously cut this open we Cut it open at the head of the mattress In case that isn't of interest to you Basically what you see inside here is Really two main layers it's a pretty Simple construction you have a two inch Layer of Dunlop latex right here again This is gold certified organic latex as We talked about one thing I want to note Here particularly though you can see is This is a very soft latex especially as Latex goes this is a really soft latex Then you have this eight inch pocketed

Coil unit a couple things to note here This right here this is the diameter of Coil that you find throughout most of The mattress if we had cut open uh the Side what you'd find is a couple rows of A smaller diameter coil not only is it Smaller which gives a more coiled higher Coil density going along those two side Edges but also there's more working Turns in those coils meaning more turns In the coil going up the height of the Coil and that gives it a little bit more Strength as well so overall that's what Where the edge support comes from Then what you have here basically Wrapped around all of that wrapped Around both the latex and the coils is This layer of wool that you can see here You kind of just see it's I don't know What maybe an eighth of an inch quarter Of an inch something like that it's a a Nice little layer about like a thick Sweater maybe and it goes all around all Of that it's stitched to the cover going All the way around and then it's it goes All the way around the side panel and Then it's also goes stitched to the Cover on the bottom so it goes Underneath the coils now a lot of times Mattresses have something like a layer Of foam or latex on the bottom to give The coil something to rest on in this Case it's just the wool and then of Course the cotton cover on the bottom so

You can actually feel the coils on the Bottom of this mattress which is just Different than a lot of mattresses that We look at but nonetheless I don't think That really is neither here nor there From the standpoint of your experience With the mattress frankly a couple other Things things to note here about the Construction obviously I guess the other Thing I should mention materials wise is That the cover here as I talked about Earlier is an organic cotton cover no Polyester in there there is some stretch To the cover so there must be some Elastic or something in there but uh but Nonetheless no no uh polyester in there And this cover this this wool when we Open this up you can see how it was Stapled to the coil so we had to cut it Just to be able to show you the inside Here so that's something they do is in Order to hold the layers of the mattress Together rather than using glue which is Kind of the convention in the industry They use these staples here or kind of Hog ties one thing I do want to point Out is that the pocketed coils Themselves do appear to be glued Together so it's not that there's no Glue in the mattress but obviously They've really gone to Great length to Minimize the amount of glue in this Mattress and then the last thing I'll Just mention about the wool is that this

Is the only fire retardant in this Mattress so it's obviously 100 natural Material 100 organic and it provides all The fire retardancy that is needed to Pass the fire retardancy standards for The industry One thing that's important to just about Every mattress Shopper is value when we Think about value we think about how Much does it cost what's in it and how Long do we think it's going to last in Terms of the cost the price of the Eco-organic mattress is going to be Between a thousand and fifteen hundred Dollars at the moment and this is uh Generally speaking among if not the most Affordable uh mattress that is certified In its entirety as organic that you can Find on the market certainly far more Affordable than anything that was Available five ten years ago in terms of What's in it you're talking about a Whole lot of natural materials as we Showed you highlighted by organic cotton And the cover organic wool organic latex And a pocketed coil unit that also has Some Edge support features to it so Overall a lot of quality materials and They've gone to the additional expense Of getting certifications on not only Those individual materials but also on The mattress as a whole in having it Certified organic so overall a whole lot Of quality in that entire package in

Terms of how long we think it's going to Last what I'd say here is that This mattress principally relies on two Of the most proven materials there are In terms of mattress construction you Have Springs which have been around for Over 100 years and you have latex which As comfort materials go in a mattress Meaning the material is used up at the Top of the mattress this is about as Proven a material from as a comfort Material as you can find from a Durability standpoint so I don't see an Obvious weak Link in this mattress and Overall I have very high expectations as Far as the longevity of this product how Does that wrap up into overall value I Would certainly say that this mattress Is an excellent value All right so just to summarize some of The things we've covered in this video The avocado Eco Organic mattress is a 10 Inch mattress that we classify as a 100 Natural latex over pocket of coil Construction it's also a certified Organic mattress we talked about how This is a mattress that's going to be an Exceptionally good fit from a spinal Alignment standpoint for most back and Stomach sleepers of a wide range of Weights we talked about how side Sleepers could be pretty well served From a spinal alignment standpoint but Could run into some issues with pressure

Relief particularly if pressure points Is a particular sensitivity for you as a Side sleeper we talked about how from a Feel standpoint this is a mattress That's kind of right in the middle from A softness standpoint so if you're Looking for a mattress not too firm not Too soft this is a good fit in that Middle ground we talked about how Likewise kind of from a cushioning depth Standpoint you want a mattress that Maybe has a little bit more conformance That you sink into just a little bit More than average but doesn't leave you With that hugged or cradled kind of Sleeping in your mattress sensation Because the the natural effect of the Latex has a buoyancy that gives it more Of a floating kind of a Vibe so still Leaving you in that kind of middle in Between sleeping in your mattress or Sleeping on your mattress we talked About how this is not a mattress that Contains any memory foam so if you're Looking for that you're going to need to Look elsewhere but if you don't want any Don't like memory foam or don't like That slow responsiveness this is going To be a great fit for you likewise if You want a mattress that's quick and Lively to respond to you it has a little Bit of Bounce and pep to it this is also A great fit on that respect and lastly In terms of some of the other features

That we talked about this is a mattress That has excellent Edge support has very Good motion isolation we talked about How it has exceptional adjustable base Compatibility and of course exceptional Use of natural materials and and not Just use of natural materials and not Just the avoidance of harmful chemicals But actually going beyond that to Actually have the certifications as an Organic mattress in its entirety so of All those characteristics that I just Described sound like they meet your Personal needs preferences and Priorities then I definitely think that The eco-organic mattress from avocado is One that you should consider so there You have it that's our full in-depth Assessment of the eco-organic mattress From avocado we hope you found that Helpful for more helpful information About how to choose the right mattress For you go to goodbed.com and while You're there be sure to take the good Bed mattress quiz that you're going to Find there it is by far the most robust And objective quiz that you can find in The industry and it will help you assess Your full needs preferences and Priorities and ultimately we'll show you Which mattresses are going to be the Best fit for you so make sure you check That out in the meantime we thank you For watching and we really hope you

Sleep well