AquaSonic Black Series Electric Toothbrush Review [USA]

Find out if the Black Series electric toothbrush from AquaSonic is any good. A detailed hands on and opinion video, that comes after several weeks of testing.
The AquaSonic Black Series is an impressive toothbrush that certainly challenges some of the bigger brands, particularly when you look at the value for money you get.

It cleans the teeth well, has a good box contents and key features like a timer and pacer built in.

However, the good parts of this brush are somewhat overshadowed by what it lacks.

It lacks the quality of the bigger brands, it feels cheaper in many places.

There is no obvious or easily obtainable manufacturer support and no replacement brush heads are made available by Aquasonic themselves.

Within 2 years, this brush is essentially destined for landfill as it will no longer be useful.

As a result, despite the positive elements, this is not a brush I can endorse or encourage you to buy.

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