Anti Aging Tips Beyond Skincare | More Than Skin Deep!

HIIT, Cycling, Jogging minimum of 30min/session 2-3x week

Oh my, i failed to mention the correlation of happiness with lifespan 🤦 ..but yes, that is the point!

Sleep & Glow Pillow 
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HUM Nutrition Melatonin –

Skin Supplements
Vital Proteins Beauty Collagen (Bovine) –
HUM Nutrition Glow Sweet Glow –
Smarter Nutrition Collagen (Marine)-

*UPDATE: I didn’t realize the Vital Proteins site has so many more options than Nordstrom, including a marine collagen! Now if they could just make a tasty chocolate flavor 🤔

HUM Nutrition Video:


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Makeup: Lunar Beauty Moon Spell palette, Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation, Ardell Magnetic Lash Accents


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