Amerisleep Mattress Reviews (Which Amerisleep Bed Is Right For You?)

Sleep Apnoea: Don’t Ignore the Signs

Sleep apnoea (OSA) is little discussed considering its prevalence in the UK. Indeed, many people have never heard of it, although labour leader Ed Milliband’s recent surgery brought the disorder into the public eye. Experts believe that somewhere between 2 and 4% of the UK population suffers from sleep apnoea, but that only a tenth of sufferers are diagnosed and receiving treatment.

Sleep Studies Recommended Before Bariatric Surgery

Sleep studies performed on 132 obese male and female patients has found a massive 64% suffered from obstructive sleep apnoea / apnea. The study was conducted over three years and reported recently in the Journal of Sleep and Breathing. Diagnostic sleep studies (polysomnograms) were performed on patients preparing to undergo gastric bypass surgery between January 2004 and January 2007.

How Many Hours of Sleep Do You Need?

Some people seem to need more sleep than others. If you sleep for too short of a time and are rested, that can be as much a signal that there is a health issue as when you need much more sleep time than eight hours. There is a lot of research going on today regarding sleep and how it affects our functioning, our alertness and our mental health.

Why Sleep Is So Important and How to Get The Sleep You Need

Do you often feel groggy when you wake up in the morning or sleepy during the day? Well, you are not alone! A National Sleep Foundation Poll showed that a majority of adult Americans experience sleep problems. That’s not surprising given our world of smart phones, the internet and 24/7 access to news and entertainment. In this article, I explain why sleep is so important for your health and well-being and I give you 10 practical tips for getting a good night’s rest. Wishing you pleasant dreams!

Insomnia Solution or How to Finally Get a Good Night’s Sleep

We have all experienced bouts of insomnia at one time or another but there are many facts about insomnia that most are unaware of, facts that could aid one in the permanent elimination of insomnia. The natural approach could not only lead you out of intrusive insomnia, but prevent its recurrence. A few simple changes in your diet and way of living is all that is necessary to create a life that is insomnia free.

Sleep Deprivation Causes, Symptoms and Side Effects

Night after night we endure distractions to have a good night sleep, but we all have times that we just can’t resist. Unfortunately, the result is lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation may soon result in decreased levels of concentration, perception and a decreased attention span, and it might even get worse.

What Is White Noise and How Can a White Noise Machine Help You Sleep Better

Most people know that white light contains all the colors of the spectrum combined together, in a similar vein the sound generated by White Noise Machines consists of all the audible sound frequencies occurring together. To your ears, white noise will sound kind of like wind, rain, ocean or a mechanical sound like a motor or fan. The effect of this white noise on our hearing is that it will mask or make difficult to distinguish distinct individual sounds.

Is Your CPAP Mask Secure While You Sleep?

It’s hard having sleep apnea. There are many people that suffer from this disease without even realizing they have it. This is why the CPAP machine has been invented.

Beating Insomnia – Main Causes to Not Get a Good Night Sleep

There are numerous solutions and devices for beating insomnia. I am sharing with you some important information on insomnia in this article.

How Can I Help Myself Fall Asleep?

About 30 to 40 percent of adults suffer from some level of insomnia within any given year, with 10 to 15 percent of these cases being chronic or severe. The prevalence of insomnia increases with age and is more common in women.

The Importance of Falling Asleep

Sleeping is extremely important, it is in sleep that our bodies recover. Sleep deprivation may easily lead to more extreme health problems such as deterioration, hallucinations and decreased cognitive abilities. This is exactly why everyone who is suffering from insomnia should know some good and effective sleep tips.

What Causes Talking In Your Sleep?

Have you ever been told by your spouse that you talk in your sleep or have you ever heard you spouse talking in their sleep? Somniloquy is the scientific terminology for sleep talking. Sleep talking is quite common and can even be funny to witness, but can it be the sign of a serious problem?

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