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The Amerisleep AS5 (formerly known as the Independence mattress) is the softest mattress in the Amerisleep line.

The Amerisleep AS5 is a 14″ memory foam mattress. It’s built from 3 different layers of advanced foam.
Top layer (comfort) – the top layer is 2″ of Bio-Pur+. This 4.0 lbs memory foam provides great comfort through softness, great cooling, and amazing pressure relief. Amerisleeps’ Bio-Pur+ is an advanced plant-based memory foam that goes through a process called reticulation. This process dramatically breaks down and enlarges the cell walls of the memory foam. Larger cell walls in memory foam allow the foam to breath more easily, improving cooling. The Bio-Pur+ still has all the great benefits of traditional memory foam, but with much improved cooling.
Middle layer (responsive support) – this layer is 3″ of Activus foam. This is another custom designed and developed foam by Amerisleep. This layer has the contour of traditional memory foam, but is highly responsive…meaning it quickly changes as you move and change positions during the night. The Activus layer synergizes nicely with the Bio-Pur+ layer to offer great adaptive support, without sacrificing cooling, contour, or comfort.
During manufacturing process the Activus layer goes through SMT (surface modification technology). This process creates channels in the bottom layer of the foam, increasing airflow and cooling, while also helping to redistribute pressure points, providing extra support in critical areas.
Bottom layer (foundational) – the bottom layer is a 9″ layer of Bio-Core foam. This is a breathable support foam that acts as a foundation for the top layers of the mattress.

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