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AMAZING HAIR GROWTH 2012 to PRESENT **ALL PICTURES** |survivingbeauty2

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AMAZING HAIR GROWTH 2012 to PRESENT **ALL PICTURES** |survivingbeauty2

This video is about my hair journey
Hair length check

Video will be up soon of the full length after it is flat ironed..I CANT WAIT!!!!

Link to angela C styles hair for Sew ins BEST SEW IN EVER!!

Luminess systems starting at $199

Discount code
507642175 (15% off)

quickly do foundation

Apply false lashes in SECONDS

My video on BRUSHES 101 (and their use)

Link to luminous air supremacy airbrush supremacy (in a can)

Link to purchase Luminess air supremacy $29

Discount code: 507642175 (15% off)

Love this system!!!!!!!!!

Makeup on models

Playlist Makeup for women over 50

Blackup cosmetics review

Haute Look for Great buys Makeup & More Link below


SurvivingBeauty2 Spin for Skin Brush $99.99 Total will = $39.99
Code for 60% OFF!!! SurvivingB913

SurvivingBeauty2 Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush
Code for 50% OFF!! SurvivingB913C $39.99 Total will = $20

The luminess product and sweater were provided to me. However it is an honest review of the product.

7 Day smile-packs
CODE FOR 70% OFF!! SurvivingB913E $129.99 Total will = $39

Awesome deal!

Music provided by iTunes
video edited with IMovie


SurvivingBeauty2 7 Day smilepacks


video edited with IMovie
Camera used
canon t3I rebel.

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