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Allswell vs Saatva Mattress Comparison – Which Is the Bed for You?

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Allswell vs Saatva Mattress Comparison – Which Is the Bed for You?

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I am beyond stoked about today’s comparison because I’ll be pitting two fierce coil-centric mattresses against one another. In one corner, we find newcomer Allswell, primed and ready after a successful launch earlier this year. And in the other, industry vet Saatva, a resilient pioneer who’s been shaking up the online bedding game since 2010.

Will Saatva KO Allswell with its double coil system? Or will Allswell throw a memory foam right hook that leaves its opponent quaking in the dust?

Trust me folks, this is sure to be a heavyweight match-up the likes of which we’ve yet to see here at Sleepopolis. Think you can handle it? Read on to find out…

For the purpose of this comparison, I’ll only be looking at the Allswell Luxe Classic, Firmer and the Luxury Firm Saatva.


Before we get into all the stuff that makes these beds so different, let’s take a minute to talk about their similarities. While it’s true that both brands offer their own special take on the direct-to-consumer bedding trend, they share some surprising traits.

Use of Coils – As should be obvious from my intro, these beds implement coils for support. While the Saatva’s an innerspring (featuring a double coil structure separated by a thin layer of foam) and the Allswell’s a hybrid (outfitted with a single pocketed coil system overlayed by thicker layers of foam), the use of coils imbues both structures with some buoyant lift.

Multiple Firmness Options – These mattresses also come in multiple firmnesses. There are currently two versions of the Allswell Luxe Classic, a softer all-foam model and a firmer hybrid, which I’m focusing on today. And the Saatva comes in three different firmness levels: Plush Soft, Luxury Firm and Firm. For both brands, the variety is meant to make the beds more accessible to a wider range of sleepers.

Price – While we’ll definitely be exploring price more in depth later on, I did want to acknowledge that these beds are pretty evenly matched when it comes to cost. A Queen size Saatva, for example, retails at $999 while an Allswell Queen comes in at $855.

To learn more you’ll have to read or watch the full comparison!

Please leave a note below with some information about yourself and some of your sleep preferences if you’re interested in a personal recommendation or have any questions I didn’t answer during the review.

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