Activecampaign vs Convertkit – Review of Marketing Automation Tools

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In This video, I review Convertkit and Activecampaign and compare both. These email marketing tools are setting the standard for others so which is best?

Having good email marketing automation is one of the keys to supercharging your marketing. In this video, I compare the main features of Activecampaign to Convertkit
I’ve also created an extensive blog post and 2 free courses showing you how to set up your first campaign in Activecampaign and convertkit

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Activecampaign review

I believe that Activecampaign is the perfect choice for advanced level internet marketers who want to segment their lists and send offers based on subscriber interaction.

Convertkit Review

On the other hand, Convertkit is superb if you are just starting out and want a basic level of automation that is easy to manage. Convertkit has the best email sequence writing tool that i’ve found to date.

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