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[Music] Finding the right mattress is tough There are a lot of different brands out There not to mention different models And firmness levels and then there's Deciding whether you should shop in Store or Online now finding the right mattress For one person is difficult as it is But what if you're sharing after all Hopefully one day you will be sharing Your mattress And that complicates things even further The entire mattress buying process can Be Really confusing it can be frustrating It can even be a bit intimidating It's a larger purchase and you're going To be sleeping on it every night for Many many years it's a serious Investment and you want to get it right And that's why we created this lumber Yard we have reviewed Dozens and dozens of mattresses from Some of the biggest and smallest brands Out there And we're constantly reviewing new Products on a daily basis Our goal is to help you figure out what Is right for you and to highlight some Of the most important things that you Should consider when you're getting a New mattress Every month hundreds of thousands of

People see our reviews As a company we've actually helped over Five million people with difficult Product decisions We are extremely proud of the work that We've done and continue to do And the fact of the matter is we invest More time and money Into the content that we produce than You could ever imagine And we've been doing it for years we Have an entire team here of both men And women of all different body types And sleeping preferences And that gives us a really good Perspective as to what's important with A new bed There's no single best mattress or Pillow or product for everyone You know the slumber yard is a Collaborative effort it is a team effort And we're just trying to do really good Work and on that note it's important to Us that you understand a little bit more About Our business first the mattresses and Products featured on the slumber yard Have either been purchased by us with Our own money That actually happens more than you Think or they've been provided for free By the respective brands we don't Consider them payment Nor do we receive any money from the

Brand to provide a positive Or negative review we review products Independently and that's super Important to us also nine times out of Ten when we do receive A free product after we're done testing It it just sits in the back of our Office until we need it for the next Comparison or buyer guide or any other Piece of content we publish We even have a monthly giveaway club Where every single month we give away a Brand new mattress to someone in our Audience and if you want to figure out How you can enter to win you can click The link On the ribbon of our website Additionally you may notice that our Website is virtually ad free We did it on purpose we think ads can be Distracting and Counterproductive instead we use Affiliate marketing as a Means to make our business sustainable After all we Employ a lot of people and we have a lot Of costs i have two people in the room With me right now Yeah so that's how we cover our cost and What that means is if you make Purchases through many of the links on Our website and youtube channel We earn a referral fee and that's no Extra cost to you

In fact most of the time we end up Saving people money because we source Exclusive discounts on our mattress Deals page Now we think it's a really fair system If you like the work that we produce And you want to support us use our links If you don't like the work that we Produce Then you just don't use our links it's As simple as that Now a lot of people do ask us hey you Provide all this stuff for free what can We do for you well using those links is One thing You can also just tell friends and Family about the slumber yard and that Really helps out our commitment to you Is that we're going to do our very best Work we're going to stay above the fray And we're going to change the game when It comes to shopping for a mattress we Appreciate all feedback good and bad You can always email us at info Myslumberyard.com Thanks for watching [Music] You