A Concise Description of 6 Miracle Morning Savers

7 Day Prayer Miracle

Hal Elrod: Miracle Morning



Meditation / prayer

There are over 14 000 scientific studies on the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of meditation.


Two problems with the way affirmations have been taught:

1. Using language that is false
2. Flowery, passive language that makes you feel good in the moment, but is counterproductive

Rooted in truth and affirm what you’re committed to.
Why is that deeply meaningful to you?
What specific actions must you take to make your success inevitable?
When are you committed to taking those actions?


The world’s greatest athletes are well-known for visualising themselves at their peak before they perform

It’s all about creating a vision of what you need to / have to do that day to get to the ultimate result

Generate the ideal emotions

(Michael Phelps)


Scientifically-proven benefits to exercising in the mornings:

– Waking up lymph / nervous system
– Think clearer
– More discipline
– More energy

7-minute workout (app)
Cosmic Kids Yoga (YouTube)


Personal / Professional development books


5-minute journal (app) – captures highlight of the day

What you’re grateful for
Three most NB things to do that day

Clarifying your thoughts by putting pen to paper. Going back and reading old journals is also really valuable.

Robert Kiwosouky (Rich Dad, Poor Dad)

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