8 Practical Tips to Know Before Travel to Mexico

8 Practical Tips to Know Before Travel to Mexico

Follow these tips before travelling to Mexico!

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[Music] Hi guys and welcome back so let’s talk About eight practical tips to know Before traveling to mexico let’s go Mexico is home to a vibrant culture and A bustling food and drinks culture that People worldwide have adopted Whether you’re a foodie or a Straightforward traveler looking for a New place to go to Mexico should be on your bucket list Before you plan on pursuing that trip to Mexico Though you might want to listen to these Eight tips to know before travel to Mexico Number one pick the right trip Mexico is an exciting place that offers A lot of unique cultural experiences and Gorgeous sites to behold but when it Comes to traveling you have to figure Out what traveling style works and best For you and the people you’re traveling With It’s not enough that you figure out of Your travel style since you’re with Other people you’ll notice that Traveling with other people and Traveling by yourself is a whole Different travel style altogether You have to compromise more when you’re With other people Number two Learn some basic spanish

Another tip when traveling to mexico it Will be useful to learn a few spanish Phrases before you go you have to be Aware that spanish in spain is different From the spanish they speak in mexico The pronunciation with the most Significant difference between the two Of them so make sure that you don’t Confuse yourself when studying these two Some useful phrases you’d want to know Would be where is the bathroom Donde esta el bano How much is it cuanto cuesta hello Gracias Thank you Gracias I’m sorry i don’t speak spanish No hablo espanol Los siento These phrases should cover you for any Of your interactions with the locals to Get into any trouble Number three check the weather When people travel into mexico they Expect sunny and bright weather However much like in any place the Weather can change from day to day That’s why you have to make sure that You travel to mexico at the right time Before you go there make sure that you Check out what the weather situation Will be like You wouldn’t want to go there in the Middle of the rainy season when you’re

Expecting a sunny and tropical time While you’re there By taking the time to check the weather Before beforehand you’ll also be able to Bring the appropriate clothes with you While you’re there Number four Don’t stress about safety There is a twisted idea that we’ve seen Based on mainstream movies and tv shows Of what mexico is but as we all know These aren’t ideals of truth If you have always been curious about What mexico is like don’t let the many Cartel stories deter you There are millions of us citizens alone That travel to mexico every year aside From that the mexican government also Puts in efforts to keep the more Touristy areas secure and safe All you need to do is to be as vigilant As you usually are and to steer clear of Any suspicious signs when you’re there Number five Get insured Before you go to mexico you might want To get insurance for yourself and your Family if you’re traveling with them If you’re planning to travel to risky Countries this might make you disqualify For specific insurance policies that’s Why you have to get some insurance Before you travel to these more Dangerous countries

You can get hybrid insurance for Yourself if you want to have more Flexibility in your insurance coverage If you don’t know what hybrid insurance Is it is a more affordable option to get More insurance types in this one policy However you can expect a more in-depth Coverage for that case but it certainly Is friendlier to your wallet If you want to avail of this you should First talk to your financial advisor to See what it’s all about and better Understand it Number six don’t drink the water in Mexico We don’t mean that you should not drink Any water in mexico at all instead you Should not drink the tap water in mexico Although the water is clean enough and Is purified to some extent the Distribution system Might contaminate the water in the way To your tap Stick to water that We are sure was filtered Number seven pay with pesos Mexico doesn’t have a strong credit or Debit card culture when it comes to Paying for anything Plus many street stalls are a massive Part of the mexican food culture so you Want to have some cash with you Make sure that you bring some cash and Exchange them before you go

That way you won’t encounter any awkward Situations when you can’t pay for the Things you bought Number eight Use a vpn Whether you’re moving to mexico or You’re there for vacation you’ll enjoy Having an online virtual private network Or vpn connection if you’re connecting To the internet in a coffee shop You’d want to have a vpn to protect your Data and keep your browsing activity Private These public connections are quite Vulnerable to attacks which might make You vulnerable as well a vpn will add That layer of protection against Attackers Conclusion These practical eight tips to know Before to travel to mexico are essential To keep a note off if you’re going to Mexico anytime soon by preparing for the Trip you’re going to spend more time Making the most out of it and less Worrying about the logistics and other Travel issues That’s why you should make sure that you Apply these tips before you go to mexico That’s it for today stay safe and see You on to the next one amigo