7 PC PROFESSIONAL BRASS PARACORD FIDS Review | Titan Survival Product Review Paracord Accessory Cat.

7 PIECE PROFESSIONAL BRASS PARACORD FIDS SET Review | Titan Survival Product Review Paracord Accessories Category

This TACAMO 7-piece set of professional paracord lacing needles (FIDS) provides you with every tool you need in creating paracord and leather crafts. From super small micro-paracord to much larger leather lacing, we’ve got the tool you need. And they FIDS are made of Brass rather than Stainless Steel, so the tips can be easily sanded to your preferred point if you do not like the default.

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Hi guys and welcome back so today we Will be talking on our fifth on our list For the for the power cord um Accessories for titan survival Um is the seven piece professional brass Power cord fits set So this one is uh 36.98 So this is what it looks like There you go So major features so um it has a seven Piece set um Three round And three flat And smoothing spatula so one is Removable extensions Okay and Leather storage Case So both types in small medium and large Sizes So brass needle specs For this one For the small is 0.2 ounce or six grams That’s three millimeters here This one for the medium it’s 3.5 Millimeters Uh for the large one it’s five Millimeters and for the spatula it’s 7.39 Millimeters there you go And the height is 100 millimeters or 3.93 Inches And for the usage

Matrix uh you can just go ahead and read On this you can see the needle size Small medium large the cordage type Is a type 1 power cord micro core nano Cord 95 pound paracord Leather lacing Cordage size inches cordage size decimal And cordage size millimeters so tacoma Paracord and leather lacing needle guide And just go ahead and Save this one just in case you need to Um Have like uh Something That you can use sooner Um just in case you wanted to know more Of the um Usage matrix okay All right and this one is uh it says Here that it has a removable extensions Like so So each fit can be shortened or Lengthened which included textured Threaded extensions All right And this one every tool You need so this is what it looks like There you go So here you can see the professional Lacing Needles Okay And okay let’s scroll down so the Professional brass power cord fit set

So this tacoma seven piece set of Professional parkour lacing needles or Fids Provides you with every tool you need in Creating power cord and leather crafts From super small micro power cord to Mark to much larger leather lacing They’ve got the tool you need and the Fits that they made of that are made of Brass rather than stainless steel so That the tips can be easily sanded to Your preferred point if you do not like The default So that is a great Part of that so each component of their Professional quality fit set is made With the best materials possible and Their power cord needles are made from 100 Long-lasting brass and the storage case Is made from premium custom leather that You’ll love what they’ve created so There you go let’s go Go ahead and scroll down so this is the Best tools for the job this tacoma 7p Set of professional power cord lacing Needles provide provides you with every Tool you need in creating power cord and Leather crafts from super small micro Power cord to larger leather lacing They’ve got the needles that you need All right next quality you can trust Each component of their professional Quality power cork vids set is made with

The best materials possible and their Parkour needles are made from 100 Long-lasting brass and storage case is Made from premium custom leather and You’ll love what they’ve created so Adjustable Um Lengths How many times have you wish you had a Shorter fit or a longer one so their Smoothing spatula and all of our all of Their brass lacing needles comes with a Removable extension to help get into Those tight spaces So also they have a comfortable grip Hand slip Hand slip a lot while you’re working They’ve added custom texture to their Breast extension so that you can keep on Keep on keeping on without fumbling Caused by sweat give them a try and you Won’t regret it And So If you’re unhappy with their products in Any way they will completely refund your Purchase All right so based on 18 reviews 89 says It’s a 5 star and 11 says is a 4 star So for the 5 star it says her defense Quality is only surpassed by tyson’s Customer service Another five good quality i’ve only used

One I’ve only used one implement so far it Worked fine I expect that the rest will as well Another five what size corey can stuff In There i wondered when purchasing Measuring with Across the brass extender threads with a Cheap brass caliper they range from One by at one Sixteenth and 1 8 or 2 to 2 to 3.5 Millimeters again this is with not Thread size tad In this context is One layer of masking tape the paddle is Solid and thread threaded but has no Extender the case the leather is very Soft supple even it is even quality and Well made it is high quality and well Made i pulled into to see if it will Tear it did not in fact the case shows No ill effects at all very nice indeed Another five star says Quality product well made looks great Nice leather case i’m happy with my Purchase and to support another vets Business thank you another five the fees Are very well made great fit and finish Fast shipping And yeah another great five-star reviews For titan survival for their seven piece Professional brass paracord feed set Again this is 36.98

And just go ahead and click add to cart Or buy now So yeah i’ll see you on to the next Video