7 Day to Die Multiplayer: Seed Tour Water Everywhere

7 Day Prayer Miracle

A flying tour of a few of the northern lake country. The seed used is Terrorzilla the world Viori is using for his photoblog and story line.

Link to Viori’s photoblog:

*** indicates area shown in Curmudgeon’s video
Hub City 0NS 0EW City plains, burned
North Skulker Flats 350N 1300W Town desert, plains
South Skulker Flats 1600S 1620W Town desert
Eventide Mine 475S 2050W Cave/mines, ponds desert
Skulker’s Pond 220S 1830W Pond desert
Twelve-twenty Mine Complex 185N 1055W Cave/mines plains
Long Shadows Mine 1290N 1235W Cave/mines plains
Lagdale 2150N 1730W Town plains, PassNGas, Shamway
Thudborough 1210S 270E POI pine forest, PopnPills, Born & Noble (unstable)
Four Corners region 220S 140E POI four biomes intersection
Cactus Ridge Mine 1085S 215W Cave/mine desert
Heartwood 1100S 2100E Town pine forest, B&N, PnG
Rolling Hills Caverns 605N 900W Cave/mines plains
Pinafore 425N 2730W POI plains, PopnPills, WST (embedded in store)
Waterford Lake 200S 3330W Lake complex desert
Daunton 340N 4470W Town desert, plains, maple, Shamway, ShotMess, factory
Lake Avemone 300N 5320W Lake maple, burned
Lake Oupo 1110N 5230W Lake maple, plains
Lakeside Mine 1710N 5570W Cave/mine plains
Water’s Edge Cave 2515N 9480W Cave/mine pine forest, mine under water
End-of-the-Line Mine 2925N 9535W Cave/mine pine forest
Westerfeld 4150N 8950W Town plains, mixed, Shamway, PassNGas, WST, ShotMess
Last Ditch Mine 5300N 8470W Cave/mine wasteland
Thor’s Bootprint 5410N 8275W Cave snow, mixed
Morcroft Cavern 6015N 7650W Cave/mine wasteland
Ruination Hole 6795N 7273W Cave/mine wasteland
Icehole Cave 7280N 6530W Cave/mine snow
The Chillpits 7955N 5990W Cave/mine snow
Buckleburg 7700N 4700W POI burned, Shamway, collapsing
Culm Junction 6100N 2860W POI burned, PopnPills
Flint Lake 3560N 430E Lake pine forest
Bluespar Lake *** 3675N 750E Lake pine forest
Wincemoor 4325N 840E Town pine forest, Born&Noble
Lapis Lake 3940N 1080E Lake pine forest
Whitespar Lake *** 4675N 1065E Lake maple forest
Beauchamps *** 5750N 1900E Town maple forest, PopNPills, WST
Penstamon Lake *** 6740N 1900E Lake maple forest
Pavonia Lake 6975N 1815E Lake maple forest
Munger’s Corner 7415N 2550E POI maple forest, PopnPills
Lake Nördlicht 9265N 2165E Lake plains
Nördlicht Caves 9840N 2255E Cave/mine plains

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