6 Ways to Get Rid of Pimples Fast

6 Ways to Get Rid of Pimples Fast

Do you have that pimple that is annoying? See the ways on how to get rid of them fast!

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[Music] Hi guys and welcome back so let’s talk About the six ways to get rid of pimples Fast let’s go Considering that pimples are the most Common can complain in the united states We shouldn’t be surprised that they seem To pop up at the most inconvenient times Like the day before that important job Interview right before a celebration You’ve been anticipating or just in time For the family photo Like family photo shoot We’ve all been there but while pimples Are more complex than once thought we Don’t have to simply suffer through the Red blotches until they go away by Themselves Here we’ll look at how to get rid of Pimples fast Number one Apply eyes to the pimple The first step in calming down an angry Painful pimple is to apply ice Wrap some ice in a cloth and press it Against the inflamed area for three to Four minutes at a time If the eyes melt too quickly throw a few Cubes in a plastic sandwich bag before Wrapping in cloth Repeat several times throughout the day And soothe the skin and reduce swelling Number two apply a piece of crushed Aspirin to the pimple

Aspirin contains salicylic acid which is Super effective at removing excess oil And dead skin crush one or two aspirin Tablets and mix with several drops of Water to form a paste then dab the paste Directly onto the pimple this should Reduce swelling and redness and also Make the pimple less painful Leave the paste on for 10 minutes to 15 Minutes and then rinse thoroughly with Warm water Number three Use an over-the-counter acne spot Treatment When choosing a product off the shelf You can narrow the choices by looking For two important ingredients found in Many over-the-counter acne medications Salicylic acid mentioned above is one of These another important ingredient to Look for is benazil Or benzoyl Peroxide in addition to reducing oil and Removing dead skin cells Benzoyl peroxide also helps kill the Bacteria that causes the pimples while Both these ingredients are safe and work In similar ways Which product you choose and how often You apply it depends on your Skin’s own unique factors And a word of caution both salicylic Acid and benzoyl peroxide have a drying Effect

Using too much of these products or Using them in combination with certain Other products can irritate the skin Only preparations containing 0.5 to 2 Salicylic acid Are recommended moreover when using Benzoyl peroxide sun exposure should be Limited This means tanning beds too Go slowly when trying any new product And avoid using more than is needed Number four Use makeup with salicylic acid to Conceal pimples We can’t just hide inside because we Have pimples Fortunately there are several makeup Products available that can help us Safely cover up blemishes while Simultaneously combating them As with the acne spot treatments Mentioned above there are a few key Words to look for in the labeling on Products such as foundation face powder And concealers Number five apply a face mask for acne There are tons of face masks on the Market these days and many of them Target pimples again you’ll see Ingredients like salicylic acid and Benzoyl peroxide which treat the acne Directly by unclogging pores and Reducing inflammation Another ingredient that works in a

Similar way is sulfora sulfor may bring To mind match heads Hot springs and the strong smell of eggs But it is also used to treat pimples Especially milder outbreaks and is often Found in face mask sulfor is gentler Than salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide And may be a better choice if you have Sensitive skin Number six get a cortisone injection to Quickly get rid of a pimple For massive inflamed pimples Over-the-counter treatments may not pack Enough punch in that case your best shot May be in an injection of cortisone Directly into the cyst performed with a Very thin needle and cortisone injection Shrinks the swollen tissue in the pimple Easing inflammation and allowing the Pimple to heal a dirt dermatologist can Perform the procedure quickly and easily And you’ll see visible improvement Within 24 hours That’s it for today stay safe and see You on to the next one