5 yr review of VideoSecu ML531BE2 TV Wall Mount

Product Name: VideoSecu ML531BE2 TV Wall Mount
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The VideoSecu ML531BE2 is a versatile TV wall mount that supports most flat-panel TVs up to 55 inches and weighing up to 88 pounds. It features a low-profile design that keeps the TV close to the wall, and its adjustable tilt and swivel options allow for flexible viewing angles. The mount is made of heavy-duty steel and includes all necessary mounting hardware.

Key Features:

Supports most flat-panel TVs up to 55 inches and 88 pounds
Low-profile design
Adjustable tilt and swivel options for flexible viewing angles
Made of heavy-duty steel
Includes all necessary mounting hardware


Sturdy and durable construction
Easy to install with included mounting hardware
Adjustable tilt and swivel options for versatile viewing angles
Low-profile design keeps TV close to the wall


May not be compatible with some TV models
Limited range of motion compared to more expensive models

The VideoSecu ML531BE2 TV wall mount is a reliable and affordable option for those looking to mount their flat-panel TV on the wall. Its low-profile design and adjustable tilt and swivel options make it easy to find the perfect viewing angle, and its sturdy steel construction ensures the TV stays securely mounted. While it may not have as much range of motion as some more expensive models, it still offers great value for its price point.

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All right this is a fast and simple Review of the video SECU we'll call it Uh TV wall mount obviously I'm using it For computer monitors here Um but really wanted to just kind of Show you exactly how it mounts into the Wall Um you know again just make sure you Find a Um A stud to drill into and this can extend Much further than I'm using to extend But it can extend or go closer to the Wall if needed Um as far as connecting to your TV or Monitor uh you'll see this is kind of Their Square portion there are little Arms that can extend if it's a larger Television Um you know on the Four Corners uh it Can can swivel Um forward and backwards or down and up I I should say as well as left and right So you'll kind of see my setup I've got Two of them set up Um and I'm I'm using two of the same Thing Um to hold them up but I've got them Kind of angled a little bit so if you Want a flatter you can angle them However you want up down left right and Again forward backwards from the wall so I've had these for almost five years now They've done a really great job of uh

Again holding a pretty heavy Um you know these are pretty sizable uh Monitors as you can see and I've never Had any issues with them coming off the Wall or anything like that both again Are are pretty solid I I did you know Have some somebody my contractor when Putting on this room Mount them in so You know again a probably a better job Than I could have done but regardless They they did a really nice job and you Do get this little handy level Um that I keep uh really you know pretty Close and I barely ever use but it's uh It's nice to have so hopefully this Quick and fast review is uh is helping You I um would definitely recommend Buying these again or I would buy them Again if needed Um and I definitely recommend them hope This helps