Do you really need to spend an hour of slapping products on your face just to reduce pores, or can you do it under 5 minutes and make time for other things that you enjoy?

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[Music] Hi guys and welcome back to this channel So we will be talking about the five Minute skin care so this skincare Routine can minimize appearance of pores In just four steps All right so skin care diet skip care The anti-10 step skin care routine These beauty buzzwords basically all Mean the same thing They are all about going back to the Basics Downsizing your skin care regimen and Not compromising the image of minimizing Pores I enjoyed this dance kept skin care Routine for a good while but i’ll be the First to admit that i found the rules of Layering a bit tedious Do i really need to spend an hour of Slapping products on my face just to Reduce pores Or can i do it under five minutes and Make time for other things that i enjoy I realized later on that i didn’t Actually need all 10 steps to achieve And maintain good skin and the look of Minimized pores If anything i discovered that my skin Thrived once i stopped piling on product After product after product Many dermatologists agree that more is Not always better and that is possible That a long skincare routine can clog

Your pores more If you prefer using several products and Have a lengthy skincare routine that Works for you by all means continue on With your process However If you find that you’re using and paying For a lot of products and you’re still At a loss on how to minimize pores Going on a skin care diet may help Achieve better skin clarity and minimize Appearance of pores But before we proceed to our steps Please don’t forget to like and Subscribe to this channel thank you so Much let’s go ahead Step one cleanse A good cleanser is the cornerstone of Any good skincare routine if are not Able to take off dirt oils and makeup at The end of the day All that gum can get trapped in your Pores making them look more noticeable And increasing your chances of getting a Breakout Clean pores are healthy pores so look For a gentle cleanser that does the job Of removing the day’s filth without Disrupting your skin’s ph balance Permanently reducing facial pores can Only be done with clinical treatments Like laser But keeping them clean and clear will Definitely reduce pores appearance

Step 2 Tone With the age of page conscious cleansing Many people tend to skip toner these Days but a good toner does more than Just balance the skin’s ph It can also be the solution for how to Minimize pores Feed dark spots and give the skin a Boost of hydration A well-formulated toner for acne prone Skin can even help reduce breakouts Enlighten post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation Step 3 treat The basic cleanse tone moisturize Protect routine is well and good But it helps to add just one more super Product to treat and target specific Skin issues As serum essence ampoule acid or even a Sheet mask are good products to consider As these are usually loaded with a Higher concentration of active Ingredients to address a specific Concern Four moisturize Some garments may may tell you to stop Using moisturizer but would like to Respectfully disagree Moisturizers may not be required for Everyone true but there are still a lot Of benefits that one can get from using Them

Moisturizers keep your skin from drying Out and moisturize skin equal softer Supple healthier looking skin They work by having ingredients that act As humectants emollients and occlusives Back to basics the process of how to Minimize pores doesn’t necessarily Require a long skin care routine Cutting down to just the basics is a More realistic way to achieve your skin Goals in terms of time effort and cost Remember that a skincare routine only Works if you stick to it That’s all for today and thank you so Much for watching please don’t forget to Like and subscribe have a great day [Music]