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5 Essential Apps for Every PhD Student

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5 Essential Apps for Every PhD Student

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TL;DW: Evernote, Zotero, Keynote, Calendar, Microsoft Word.

Downloads for software mentioned:
Adobe Illustrator:
Microsoft Word:

Say the word and I’ll do a follow-up video on the next top five, because I can think of plenty! And do tell me what your top apps are in the comments.

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I’m Lucy Kissick and I’m a second year PhD student studying martian geology at the University of Oxford. I secretly love Pluto more than Mars, I have no cats but wish I had ten, and if you’re in Oxford right now then THERE IS A NESTING SWAN IN THE UNIVERSITY PARKS, I’M SO HAPPY.

New video every fortnight or so, please comment if there’s a topic you’d particularly like to see discussed!

Many thanks to Silent Island for use of their song “Dolphin Rush” in the credits! Available here: m

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