5 Best Natural Latex Mattress List For 2020


Compare the 5 Best Natural Latex Mattresses for 2020 in an interactive comparison chart:

Best Latex Mattress 2020 Timestamps:
0:17 Introduction.
1:08 Best latex mattress selection criteria.
3:05 Awara – Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress Review
6:21 Spindle – 10″ Natural Latex Mattress Review

10:23 Sleep EZ – Select Sleep Natural Mattress Review

14:05 Brentwood Home – Cedar Natural Luxe

18:37 Idle Sleep – 2-Sided Natural Dunlop Latex Hybrid

21:52 Compare Awara, Spindle, Sleep EZ, Brentwood Home and Idle Sleep in a comparison chart:

It was a definite challenge to pick the top 5 best latex mattresses for 2020. A few criteria were used to determine which natural latex mattresses made the list.
• Quality to price ratio for natural latex mattresses.
• Latex mattress 3rd party certifications.
• Length of the latex mattress trial period.
• Natural latex mattress companies with a free return policy.

This best latex mattress list is in no particular order. Every non-toxic mattress in the list has it’s own pros and cons and in the article on I go into great detail about what makes each mattress so special.

3:05 The Awara mattress has a generous 13″ of thickness and is very reasonably priced for what it offers. Since it is a hybrid mattress, complete with a 9″ coil layer, it makes for an excellent option for heavier people. So if you are 215+ pounds and have experienced mattresses caving in and sagging in the past, the Awara may be the perfect solution for you. It is also great for anybody that likes the bounce of a traditional spring mattress with medium firmness.

6:21 The Spindle – 10″ Natural Latex Mattress offers a customizable all-latex core that you can access by opening the 360-degree zippered mattress cover. Although it is not recommended for heavier people, this mattress is perfect for those that love the light and buoyant feeling of a natural latex core. It is available in soft, medium, firm and extra firm, and Spindle will work with you for a full 365 days if the firmness you ordered doesn’t meet your needs upon delivery.

10:23 Sleep EZ – Select Sleep Natural Mattress is perhaps one of the most customizable all-latex core mattresses available online. In addition to many firmness and thickness options, there is the option to have a split firmness for the queen, king and California king. This means that couples can have a different mattress firmness on each side. If you want to get a recommendation for a custom mattress configuration tailored to your weight, height and sleeping style, you can use the Sleep EZ Natural Mattress wizard. It’s almost like making your own DIY latex mattress without the hassle of sourcing all the individual components.

14:05 The Brentwood Home – Cedar Natural Luxe hybrid latex mattress
is a 12″ hybrid innerspring mattress. You have the option to get the addon 3″ topper to turn it into a 15″ luxury natural latex mattress. It has many 3rd-party certifications including GOLS (organic latex) and GOTS (organic cotton). The Cedar natural Luxe offers a zoned and ridged natural latex layer, which means that it will provide optimized pressure relief to your hips and shoulders.

18:37 The Idle Sleep – 2-Sided Natural Dunlop Latex Hybrid
can be ordered in a number of 2-sided configurations. You have the choice of medium, luxury-firm, and medium one side and luxury-firm on the other side. The medium on one side, luxury-firm on the other side is perfect for anyone looking for a hybrid (innerspring) mattress but is unsure about which firmness they want. The Dunlop natural latex is certified by GOLS (organic latex), so you are getting the best pressure relief and comfort without is off-gassing chemicals.

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