While the number of health problems related to stress might be alarming, don’t despair. Studies suggest that stress management techniques will not only make you feel better, but they might have concrete health benefits.

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[Music] Hi and welcome back so let’s talk about Four ways to fight backs against stress So while the number of health problems Related to stress might be alarming Don’t despair Studies suggest that stress management Techniques will not only make you feel Better but they might have concrete Health benefits Still many of us remain skeptical about Stress management After all our lives are just plain Stressful We have busy jobs Families to race Tight finances and no time to spare Stress management might seem like a nice Idea but completely impossible It’s true that you might not be able to Remove all the stressful things from Your life But you can change how you respond to Them That’s what stress management is all About learning some basic stress relief Techniques isn’t difficult either But before we proceed with our topic Please don’t forget to like and Subscribe thank you so much and let’s go Ahead Number one Breathe deeply Just a few minutes of deep breathing can

Calm you and tame the physiologic stress Response while building in a specific Time to relax each day is a good idea One advantage to deep breathing for Stress relief is that you can do it Anywhere at your desk or in your parked Car for instance Recommend that you breathe out You relax a specific muscle group start With the muscle in your jaw on the next Breath out relax your shoulders Move through the different areas of your Body until you are feeling calm Number two Focus on the moment When you’re stressed you’re probably Living in the future or the past you’re Worried about what to do next or Regretful about something you’ve already Done to get some stress relief instead Try focusing on what you’re doing right Now You can calm yourself by bringing Yourself back to the present moment If you’re walking feel the sensation of Your legs moving And if you’re eating Focus on the taste and the sensation of The food Number three Reframe the situation So you’re already running late and then Find yourself stuck in terrible traffic Getting worked up is a natural reaction

But it won’t help you at all Rather than wearing and pouting the Steering wheel get a different Perspective Look at the time as an opportunity a few Minutes to yourself where you don’t have Any other obligations Number four keep your problems in Perspective It might seem polly and age but the next Time you’re feeling stressed out think About the things for which you’re Grateful we get stressed when we focus So much on a specific problem that we Lose perspective You need to remind yourself of the basic Ways in which you’re lucky that you have Family and friends And that you can see that she can walk It can be a surprisingly effective Method for stress relief While these stress management techniques Can help in the moment you can also make A few larger changes to your way of life Regular exercise is key to long-term Stress management people who exercise Tend to have better moods and more Energy than people who don’t What’s more regular exercise will Independently lower your risk for many Health problems Learning some relaxation techniques Meditation or yoga will help with stress Management too

Getting good at any of these approaches Will take a little time and practice but The payoff for your short term mood and Long Term health could be Substantial That’s it for today stay healthy see you On to the next one