2016 Hoxx VPN Proxy Review

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What’s Hoxx VPN? Is Hoxx VPN a valid VPN provider? How does it work for Firefox & Chrome users? View this “Hoxx VPN Proxy Review”, then scroll for details.

Tests show that, Hoxx is an easy-to-use browser add-on that was developed to help access blocked/censored content on the Web. And, Hoxx’s home site is safe to use. See VT [email protected]

How does Hoxx VPN help unblock those blacklisted websites?
To get you started with Hoxx VPN, you save your job now, head to Firefox’s Add-ons Manager, hit the “Get Add-ons” link, enter “Hoxx” without quote marks. Then perform the install process ( * Even an inexperienced user get that job done within few seconds).

To experience Hoxx’s ultra fast & secure VPN service, you only need to register a Hoxx account for yourself, enter the log-in info correctly. And then choose a preferred VPN server group. Check the new IP later when you are connected to Hoxx’s VPN networks.

Additionally, Hoxx is offering fair FREE VPN service:
* 50+ Locations worldwide
* No bandwidth restrictions (NOTE: Do NOT abuse Hoxx VPN)
* 1024-bit encryption end-to-end

Wanna give Hoxx VPN a try? Here you go: and view so you can set up Hoxx VPN on Chrome, Firefox by yourself.

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