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15 Miraculous Apple Cider Vinegar Uses and Benefits

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15 Miraculous Apple Cider Vinegar Uses and Benefits

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a magical ingredient that has been used for many centuries. From cooking, to cleaning and to even beautifying someone, this ingredient holds a record of its versatility that just keeps growing. It is natural, safe, versatile, effective and the list just goes on. Personally, I am a great fan of ACV and I include it in almost every homemade remedy that I try on. And this time, we will be listing out 15 magical benefits of apple cider vinegar that will encourage you to be a part of its goodness!
15 Apple Cider Vinegar Uses and Benefits
1. For heartburn
2. Improves arthritis
3. Heals cracked heels
4. Treats Eczema
5. Lowers Cholesterol
6. Weight loss
7. Treats sore throat
8. Soothes sunburn and bug bites
9. For dandruff
10. Healthy, glowing skin
11. Whitens teeth
12. Neutralizes underarm odors
13. Bye-bye doggy fleas
14. Cleans the toilet
15. For stubborn stains on tiles

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