114 Hickory – Owner Finance Mobile Home for sale

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Stone Fireplace! One of the nicest manufactured homes we’ve ever had – in one of our best communities. 2 miles to Super Wal-Mart, Office Depot, Lowe’s, Cracker Barrel – this location couldn’t be better.
14×80 manufactured home, 2 large brs, garden tub, huge rooms, deck, massive 14′ Master BR, move in condition.

Oakview Commons offers Pro Volleyball, tetherball – for kids of all ages, BBQ grill, picnic table, 3 plank-horse fence, school bus shelter, soda machine, 24 hr lighting, Community living, etc – I could go on and on. Oakview Commons is a must-see Community and this is a Must-See home.

[00:00:03] Ok. Here, I’m going to show you one 14 Hickory. And this is a really nice house. Just came in. You can see there’s no under pinning on yet. No skirting. No stairs. But we’re working on that. I got Mark going to do that. I just want to show you. Hasn’t been cleaned or anything yet. That’s one shows you what’s going on inside. This is the cutest place. And again, a great layout. Look at this center thing here. I love this center island. Come over here to the dining room. Look at that. Well, anyway, this is one of our best communities. Oak view comments. You’re just the like two miles to Wal-Mart Supercenter, about 800 feet to a dollar general. And when you live out in a country, that’s a big deal. Course, when you live only 2 miles away from a Wal-Mart Supercenter, it’s not a big deal. 114 Hickory – Owner Finance Mobile Home for sale

[00:01:00] But look at all the cabinet space. I mean, lots and lots of cabinet space. This thing is beautiful. Right. Can you imagine sitting here having breakfast? Then here’s the sink. The double sank here and then lots more cabinets up here. Anyway, I can show you that that in there later. This is the living room. They just brought a table and chairs in. It’s dark. There’s no power on yet. This is a full bath here. It’s all electric. He in there.

[00:01:36] Here’s a bedroom with big, big closet. And this has got vinyl on the floor and it’s got a little hole there. So if you want to get a piece of remnant or something like that, you can fix that pretty easy. And I got it. I got to show you this way. You’re going to freak out. This surprised me. All right. So this is a two bedroom, two bath. But this was the third bedroom. They had this home custom made. Check this out. Stone fireplace. It’s like really? I was shocked. It is absolutely gorgeous. Look at that.

[00:02:24] So anyway, I thought that was kind of neat. And then it’s got these spindles here and everything, but it’s a real fireplace. And here’s the master bedroom and here’s the master bath, big garden tub and nice vanity. And then they just set the toilet because they had to replace all the plumbing underneath and all that stuff. Brand new vinyl here on the floor. In fact, they haven’t even cleaned up the mess. The guys come in and they do that work. I tell him clean up after yourself, but they never do. So send in my crew. And so you got his and her closets here.

[00:03:14] And just got the new state inspection inspect inspection plate and the fireplace. Anyway, want to share this with you? Go to StarHomeUSA.com. and see are their homes. Give us a call. This house won’t last long on the market. In this community we only have. Well, we’ll have this one that just came in as a vacant. And there’s, I think, one other vacant pad. So if you have a home, you can bring it in. We’ll have one vacant pad here. It’s a very popular location, very popular community. Nice and quiet. No crime. Anyway, thanks for watching. 114 Hickory – Owner Finance Mobile Home for sale

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