11 Habits of Highly Successful Tech Recruiters

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There are a million places to find advice.

Personal development?  Amazon.

Parenting?  Magazines.

Medical?  Doctor Google, anyone?

But a REAL-TIME, executed game plan from a professional who can give you ACTUAL solutions wins. 




So what about Tech Recruiting?  
Todd Davis 

Senior Sourcer, Talent Attraction – Leadership, at Indeed (AKA, “The First Internet Recruiter”) is a true master of tech recruiting.  

He’s ridden this block so many times that the corners are rounded, and he’s giving you 60 minutes of LIVE TRAINING and Q&A.  

Because there’s nothing more metal than helping your fellow recruiters, except for Todd himself.

Only SOME of what you’ll take home:

Controlling the Intake Meeting and Driving the Recruiting Process from the Start

The Sourcing Plan Development/Recruiting Plan Development

Excellence in Plan Execution:  How to run the plans you developed, sprints, and checklists.

Why TIME Kills Deals

Hey – we can’t list all 11.  You have to click to get the goods.

What you won’t need for this session:
Enlightenment – no guru here, just raw experience.
A note pad – we’ll send you the slide deck and copy of the video JUST for registering.
Coffee – trust us, this is information overload.  You will stay awake.

What’s better?  Random articles you find on the internet, or learning PROVEN habits from one of the most successful recruiters in the industry?

You decide.

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