10 Ways To Boost Your Immune System Naturally

10 Ways To Boost Your Immune System Naturally

In our search to live a healthy, vibrant abundant life, it has dawned on many of us that we should focus our energy on preventing disease before it ever takes root in our bodies. There are literally countless ways to boost your immune system, and these 10 strategies stand out among the rest.

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[Music] Hi guys and welcome back so let’s talk About 10 ways to boost your immune System naturally In our search to live a healthy vibrant Abundant life it has dawned on many of Us that we should focus on energy on Preventing disease before it ever takes Root in our bodies There are literally countless ways to Boost your immune system and these 10 Strategies Stand out among the rest But before we proceed with our topic Please don’t forget to like and Subscribe and thank you so much let’s go Ahead Number one drink pure clean water Your body is a vertical sponge and if You want to detox and cleanse your body From impurities drinking water is the Best way to flush them out of your System Number two breathe pure air Truth is vast majority of people are More concerned about their diet and Neglect the air that they breathe Innocently allowing toxins into their Body at an Uncontrollable rate Number three eat pure clean food Next to drinking good water it is vital To eat pure clean food on a daily basis In addition to being 100 organic the

Foods that you eat should be free of Genetically modified organisms and as Natural as possible meaning no processed Food bleach flour sugar or preservatives Number four immune boosting supplements They most multivitamins are a waste of Money and not needed as they oftentimes Cause a dangerous imbalance in of Vitamins and minerals in the body people Have been supplementing vitamins and Minerals in various forms of thousands Of years however currently some people Have gone overboard Number five vitamin d Up until recently the true significance Of vitamin d deficiency Has been relatively relatively unknown Traditionally because it is well known For assimilating calcium from the foods That we eat Vitamin d has usually been associated With being essential for bone health If you cannot get out in the sun for at Least 15 to 20 minutes a day you should Strongly consider supplementing Number six Stress management So for that you can go ahead and click On My video Regarding four ways to fight back Against stress Thank you Number seven avoid toxins by getting

Into the diy habit Toxic overload is one of the main causes Of mental emotional and physical stress And not to mention it’s a primary Primary root cause of inflammation Similar to the anxiety caused by Financial and work issues many of these Structures are unavoidable Example smog acid rain fumes at the gas Station exhaust and traffic cleaning Chemicals used by janitors at your work And etc Number eight regular cleansing and detox Regular cleansing and detox are key to Boosting your immune system because Environmental toxins are absolutely Impossible to stay away from Number nine rejuvenating sleep Getting good quality sleep is deeply Connected with longevity and overall Health Of course the amount of sleep that each Person requires is unique to that Individual Most experts agree that the majority of People should get an average of 7 hours Every night Number 10 regular exercise Regular exercise is high on this list But not in the top three the only reason Exercises is beneficial and yes it is Beneficial is because we’ll leave such Sad entire lifestyles since the Beginning of time people didn’t set

Aside time to exercise they simply lived A life of consistent regular movement God has given us an immune system for a Reason when learning how to boost your Immune system naturally never forget That the body has been designed with an Unbelievably ability to heal itself when Given the right nutrients and fuel that It needs to fight disease the body will Heal and do it superbly thank you so Much for watching stay healthy and see You on to the next one