10 Physical Fun Activities You Should Try!

10 Physical Fun Activities You Should Try!

Losing weight and getting in shape are worthy goals, but you may find that you are a little confused as to what physical activity will actually work well for you and your goals.

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[Music] Hi guys and welcome back so choose your Effective but fun workout so i’ll be Showing you 10 physical activities That are effective and fun So losing weight and getting in shape Are worth worthy goals but you may find That you are a little confused as to What physical activity will actually Work well for you and your goals Remember it’s very important to stretch Your muscles both before and after your Physical activity to maintain your Flexibility and ward off injury So before we proceed to our topic please Don’t forget to like and subscribe And thank you so much let’s go ahead Number one Walking Walking is an ideal low impact activity For someone who is getting started with Fitness and learning their capabilities Walking outside provides visual Stimulation and typically it burns more Calories than walking on a treadmill Number two Jogging Although the primary muscles worked While jogging are the same as in walking Jogging helps more burn more calories in The same interval of time it is also a Great activity for people who want to Incorporate more cardio activity in Their workout

However it is worth noting that unless Done with care jogging will take its Toll on the feet and knee joints when Jogging always wear proper shoes and pay Attention to any twinges of pain or post Workout soreness Number three hiking Hiking takes workout outdoors and it can Encourage you to adventure into some Challenging areas the best hike in terms Of workout are those that cover uneven Territory and inclines Hiking provides with many health Benefits including lowering your risk of Heart disease strengthening of your core And improving your mood Number four Bicycling If you maintain your par your posture Your abdominal and back muscles get a Workout on a bicycle as well Bicycling also works shoulder and arm Muscles Bicycling is an excellent exercise that Is lower in impact and body costs than Running It’s much easier on your legs ankles Knees and feet You can also use a stationary bicycle Number five swimming Swimming is an excellent full body Workout it works well to relieve Pressure on the joints different strokes Work on different muscle groups so

Choose strokes that work well for your Purposes the freestyle is always a good Basic swimming stroke for general health Number six Yoga Different types of yoga burn different Amounts of calories through the use of Gentle stretching yoga also known as Yoga you convert almost up to 100 Calories for 30 minutes This is an excellent way to get your day Started or you can use it as a warm up For other exercises Yoga not only increases your flexibility And strengthens the body it may help Reduce stress improve sleep and improve Your overall health Number seven aerobics Aerobics is an excellent choice for Heart health and weight loss but do be Aware that unless the class or exercises Are listed as low impact they can be Hard on the joints if you have knee Issues You should also make sure to skip step Aerobics and instead opt for low impact Aerobics or water aerobics Number eight Dancing Dancing when done in a consistent and Aerobic manner is a great choice for Burning calories However like all other cardio exercises It will reduce fat without necessarily

Growing muscle When dancing choose clothes that move Well but That but to conform to the body for the Best results Number nine weight lifting Though weight lifting does burn calories It is typically not used to lose weight Instead it is designed to strengthen and Grow muscles and as such the calories Offloaded are less than you might think They are Weight lifting trends to target the legs Arms add core muscles but There are exercises that are designed to Address every muscle group Number 10 Tennis Tennis is an excellent cardiovascular Exercise that involves the entire body It does have the issue of using Repetitive motions so if you have issues With repetitive stress injuries you Should discuss it with your doctor Before you jump in Besides physical benefits of playing Tennis there are numerous other reasons To choose this activity it helps you Learn to compete one-on-one Make strategies Deal with difficult situations Manage stress Accept responsibility So

Which of these activities are fun for You Maybe i’ll choose swimming Or maybe running Well i don’t know it depends but i think All of them are great maybe i can try All of them well thank you so much for Watching Thank you thank you and stay safe and I’ll see you on to the next one