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10 Modular Homes and Unique Dwellings You Must See (Fast Housing on a Budget)

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10 Modular Homes and Unique Dwellings You Must See (Fast Housing on a Budget)

With the ever-growing cost of housing, the year 2019 experienced a true explosion of the tiny home as well as modular house movement. This industry is bound to continue growing, so in today’s episode of #MustSeeTech, we will be showing you some of the best and the most intriguing production models, that someday could also solve your housing problem.

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0:32 #1 Timbercraft Tiny Homes Denali XL:

The Denali XL is the largest house by the Alabama-based Timbercraft Tiny Homes that has 399 square feet of floor space and measures 41 feet in length.

1:46 #2 Follow this link to get a $100 DISCOUNT on your order of BOXABL Casita home:

Despite the shortcuts that prefabricated modular homes offer, their actual onsite assembly can still take a couple of months. The Las Vegas startup Boxabl is debuting a patented core and shell building solution.

2:56 #3 Tumbleweed House Cypress:

In business since 1999, the Colorado-native Tumbleweed House is the largest manufacturer of RV homes in North America. One of the brand’s oldest models is the Cypress, that currently exists in 5 layouts varying in length from 20 to 26 feet.

4:01 #4 Haus_me:

Haus_me builds consist of prefabricated modules that can be assembled in 7 to 14 days by a small team armed with screwdrivers. Next, the house is delivered to the customer as a ready-to-use product, with built-in furniture, smart appliances, and electronics.

5:13 #5 Living Vehicle:

Though it is positioned as a long-distance travel trailer with solid off-grid potential, the Living Vehicle looks and feels more like a fully-optioned residential house that can move from state to state with you.

6:23 #6 Honomobo HO4+:

The Canadian company Honomobo manufacturers modular dwellings which are the straightforward definition of container homes. The H04+ is literally a combination of 4 40 ft shipping containers.

7:28 #7 Kasita:

The Texas-based Kasita produces the purpose-built, best in class hospitality suites that could be separately installed on a property, but are originally planned to replace the modern urban hotels in their current shape and form.

8:40 #8 Nautilus Houseboats:

Despite boasting the abundance of luxury and smart technologies, most of the unique dwellings featured in this episode have one serious disadvantage – they do not protect you from having noisy or curious neighbors. The German-based Nautilus Hausboote provides solution for those customers who are looking for a completely new level of freedom.

9:51 #9 Wikkelhouse:

Wikkelhouse builds are completely modular, so they can be as big or as small as one would like, consisting of minimum three segments. Each offers 54 square feet of space and is made from 24 layers of cardboard glued together.

10:59 #10 Iglu Huts:

Tiny living pods allow travelers and hermits to have a comfortable shelter and leave the smallest imprint possible. The Estonian company Iglucraft manufactures just the perfect lineup of huts that look like hobbit dwellings covered in wood shingles.

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