10 Biggest Cargo Planes In The World

top 10 biggest cargo planes in the world
Commercial cargo aircraft for the transportation of large items transportation of massive plane components, pallets, containers, or automobiles by the largest cargo aircraft here is the list of the heaviest cargo aircraft, sorted by tonnage, and including aircraft from Boeing, Airbus, Douglas McDonnell, and Antonov

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10 biggest cargo planes in the world The question of why anyone would ever Need something as massive as one of These cargo planes is likely the first That enters your mind when you see them Although be 52s and Jet Blues are Substantial aircraft the biggest cargo Jets on this list dwarf them all Before we start the video please Subscribe my YouTube channel so that you Can be updated by my new videos Large cargo aircraft are used for a Variety of purposes including military Support and humanitarian assistance There are various types of cargo planes Because they can perform a variety of Tasks and many of them are chosen based On their ability to carry both raw goods And a large number of soldiers and Pieces of military equipment Number 10 antonym and 225 Maria This soviet-era monster which was the Largest cargo aircraft ever could Transport 650 tons It was the heaviest aircraft ever built Holding the record for the single Largest payload at 418 834 pounds It also set the record for the most Weight carried by a cargo plane at a Whopping 280 tons which is equivalent to 2.5 blue whales or 3.5 space shuttles And you probably already know which it Was built to carry it had a crew of six Measured 84 meters in length 88.4 meters

In wingspan held more than 300 000 Kilograms of fuel and was propelled by Six progress d-18t turbofans Each of Which had a maximum speed of 530 miles Per hour and a cruise speed of 500 miles Per hour Number nine antonym 124 condor Despite having Russian Roots at least 18 Different NATO members have routinely Utilized the Condor 2020 saw the grounding of condors owing To an incident in navasa beers that led To the wings and landing gear being Destroyed However the Condor has been among the Biggest and most frequently used Freight Aircraft since the early 1980s The Condor can accommodate a few extra Loadmasters in addition to its Six-person crew a pilot co-pilot Navigator flight engineers and radio Operator It is 226 feet long weighs 471 789 Pounds gross can lift 888 258 pounds at Full thrust and cruises at 537 miles per Hour Number eight antonith and 22 anti This model of antonym aircraft which was First made available to the Soviet Air Force in 1967 is still in use in Russia Today It has occasionally been utilized to Provide humanitarian help like in the Instance of Peru after an earthquake in

1970. Other times it was employed to advance Soviet military objectives as is when it Sent supplies to the Syrian Egyptian Side in the Yom Kippur War They are anticipated to be used until 2033 the anti-eye can carry 176 370 pounds has a wingspan of 211 Feet 3 Inches has a crew of five or six and can Travel at a top speed of 460 miles per Hour thanks to four kuznetsovan k-12ma Turboprop engines It is 190 feet long Number seven Aerospace line super guppy Carrying the space shuttle and other Items headed for space may be one of These big cargo planes most crucial Tasks The space guppy which has since 1965 Transported Apollo 4 rockets and other Elements for the Apollo program is the Most well-known and efficient of them It has continued to play a part in NASA Space missions over time a super guppy Was utilized to transfer an Orion Spacecraft in November 2019. People gathered to witness it land at Mansfield long Airport The Artemis I was intended for the Orion Spacecraft For Alison 501 d22c turboprop engines Powered the super guppy which has a crew Of four a wingspan of 155 feet 3 inches A maximum takeoff weight of one hundred

And seventy thousand pounds a cruising Speed of 250 miles per hour and a top Speed of 290 miles per hour Number six Airbus A300-600st Beluga Airbus which competes With JetBlue has produced several Enormous Freight aircraft including this One The name Beluga in Russian means whale Which should give you an indication of The size of this cargo jet which Ironically was created in 1995 to take The place of the super guppy So far it has lived up to that Legacy From torrent to Amsterdam in 2001 it Delivered an advanced transfer vehicle The Tranquility module from the International Space Station was Transported in 2009 from touring to Florida’s Kennedy Space Center via the Beluga The crew of the Beluga consists of two Individuals With a length of 184 Feet 3 inches and a Weight capacity of 103 617 pounds it can Carry a maximum takeoff weight of 341 717 pounds [Music] Electric Cf6-80c2a8 turbofans that enable it to Travel at a top speed of 537 miles per Hour Number five Airbus a400m Atlas The atlas is an Airbus big cargo

Aircraft that is flown by a number of European nations including turkey the United Kingdom France and Germany It served as a tanker in 2019 to refuel German planes engaged in the conflict With ISIS However there have been issues Throughout the atlas operational Existence For Spanish crew members perished in 2015 when an atlas crashed on its first Test flight after taking off from San Pablo airport the engine sensors could Not be read by the digital engine Control system The atlas has a crew of three or four a Weight limit of 81 600 pounds a military Carrying capacity of 116 paratroopers a Length of 148 feet a maximum takeoff Weight of 310 852 pounds and a top speed Of 552 miles per hour Number four Lockheed seat 5 Galaxy The Galaxy was created and released in The late 1960s and early 1970s and it Was a little bit smaller than the Antonym Galaxies were utilized to supply Israel With Aid during the Yom Kippur War 169 people have died as a result of Several crashes during its operational Existence therefore there have also been Problems the Galaxy’s propensity to be Highly adaptable to modifications over The course of its decades-long

Operational existence is one of its most Prominent features These upgrades frequently concentrated On fixing issues with its wings and Modifying it for use as a military Transport The Galaxy is 247 feet one inch long has A crew of four to seven including a Pilot co-pilot flight engineers and Loadmasters a maximum takeoff weight of 920 000 pounds a gross weight of eight Hundred and forty thousand pounds and a Top speed of 532 miles per hour number Three Lockheed Martin c-130j super Hercules There are four engines in use in this Vehicle 17 countries have used the 400 plus Super Hercules models that have been Produced In both Iraq and Afghanistan the U.S Marine Corps and Air Force frequently Employed the super Hercules In the Libyan Civil War NATO employed it This model has flown in the air for more Than a million hours because to its Extensive use For use in combating fires the super Hercules has also been modified it has Been utilized by the 146th airlift Wing To battle some of the record large fires That have decimated California the super Hercules has a three-person crew a top Speed of 417 miles per hour and when

Equipped for military use can transport 92 soldiers 64 Airborne soldiers two to Three Humvees and one Kodiak light Armored vehicle number two Boeing C-17 Globemaster III The globemaster III which had its Initial deployment in 1991 has been Extensively used over the previous three Decades and has broken 13 records Including one for payload to altitude Ratio By 2008 the Royal Air Force of Great Britain’s globemaster 3s had logged 40 000 hours During U.S participation in the region The globemaster III was placed into Service to transport personnel and Equipment into Afghanistan and Iraq A globemaster III used to transport President Bush to New Mexico in 2004 was So weighty that it broke the runway’s Asphalt A three-person crew a length of 174 feet A top speed of 670 miles per hour a Weight of 170 900 pounds and a military Carrying capacity of 134 soldiers or 102 Paratroopers as well as Vehicles like One M1 Abrams tank or three Strikers are All features of the globemaster III Number one Boeing 747 dreamlifter This is a prime example of one but many Of the largest cargo aircraft over the Years have been variations on the always Adaptable Boeing 747

There are four of these dreamlifters in Use and they are all modifications of 747s that already exist By 2010 Boeing had completed all four Dream lifters As part of Utah’s attempts to fight the Virus a dreamlifter carrying 500 000 Masks will land at Salt Lake City International Airport in July 2020. Stream lifters have recently been active Causes like these show how big cargo Planes can help with humanitarian Missions [Music] Find this video helpful If you liked the video please like And Subscribe as it really helps our Channel And remember to give your feedback in The comments below See you in the next video with some more Interesting topics and facts