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सुबह उठ कर ये करे | 6 Miracle Morning Habits for Success in Life | Hindi

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सुबह उठ कर ये करे | 6 Miracle Morning Habits for Success in Life | Hindi

7 Day Prayer Miracle

Watch this video to know 6 Habits that can change your life. This video is based 6 miracle morning habits which are also habits of successful people. This video will also guide you about morning routine of successful people and help you to make them part of your morning routine. These habits are based on Hal Elrod book 6 Miracle Morning Habits. These habits include:

Silence : Silence is a great way to live a controlled day. Silence can be practiced through prayer, meditation, breathing etc. Silence gives your day a calm and powerful start.

Affirmation : Next success habit of this video in hindi is about affirmations which help you to reprogram your mind. You can use power of sub-conscious mind by using positive affirmations.

Visualisation : As our powerful mind thinks in the form of images, so next morning habit in hindi is visualising your success. This also adds to a great morning ritual.

Exercise : You can keep your body and mind fit and active by following a daily fitness routine.

Reading : As many of us have this question that how to stay motivated, this video on habits for success in hindi also emphasis on daily ritual of reading in morning. If not reading, you can watch motivational videos in hindi on channels of Cool Mitra, TsMadaan, SeeKen etc.

Scribing : The last of the six morning habits is writing your thoughts in a notepad or pen as you can notice that this is also habit of successful people.

I hope that this inspirational video on six miracle morning habits in hindi will help you to achieve your dreams and live a successful life. All the Best!

Curated by: Him-eesh, Manveet and Sanket

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